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Parents have a legal duty to protect their children failure to protect is a crime the father failed to protect his children in the most heinous and Despicable evil satanic way and the mother did her job and I expect the court to do theirs and not in the usual way. The taxpayers do not want to pay for child sexual assault and rape when a safe mother is available to keep them from harm.

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I'm glad Lashada Lee was released on an unsecured bond. It sounds like our information and support has helped. Hopefully, D.A. Fogal listened to why Lashada Lee went into hiding. It's frightening to know that the abusive father was given custody of both girls. The fact that Hanna is his stepdaughter is horrifying! I hope the children aren't returned to this abusive father. We are stronger together, making a difference and need to continue.

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To whom it may concern. I pray you will have the understanding and compassion in the Lashada case that is needed. This is happening to mothers’s everywhere. Where their only choice to protect their children from continued hideous abuse, is to hide. Please understand that her actions were a result of family law/courts failing her children. Thank you for your time.

I couldn’t get the email for the DA to go through. Hopefully, someone can forward this to post it where it needs to be.

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ALERT! D.A. email address correction: mdfogal@franklincountypa.gov

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Lashonda I made a call to the DA office in support of you! Thanking you for staying strong and fighting the fight! We can win this if we all work together!!!!!

Please check out this article "Womens Coalition"


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I would like to thank you all for the support. This is a call for all moms and women alike to stand united against a system that refuses to protect our children. I'm in the fight of my life but my faith and with the support of dynamic women like you all it helps me to keep fighting. My heart is heavy. I miss my girls......

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