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= THE SUM = " Karen’s story clearly supports THE CAUSE of the crisis being SYSTEMIC SEXISM, as none of the other oft-cited causes are present—cottage industry, judicial organizations, parental alienation, etc. And it demonstrates that those who recognize MALE ENTITLEMENT in the FAMILY as THE CAUSE and proceed to target it are up against a powerful force—the OBN and its spin-offs.

That is exactly why women need to unite as women—representing more than half the population on the planet—to gain the power necessary to end the cruel and abhorrent removal of children from mothers and the sentencing of countless children to childhoods of serious harm via family courts. "

PLEASE. MOTHERS, WORK for J U R I E S to decide children's custody. FINALLY. JURIES. PLEASE.

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Karen's case reminds us of what happens to women that challenge male authority in family court. Male entitlement controls their outcome. Oppression of women is swift and merciless. Family court judges put women in their supposed place. Women are punished for trying to protect children. They are committed, jailed and/or disbarred. Women are left penniless, helpless and hopeless. Women face grave consequences for attempting to keep children safe. Family court judges face no consequences for endangering children. Women are stripped of their power by family court judges. Family court judges abuse their power and endanger children. These judges grant child custody to fathers that ask for it. Family court judges knowingly give children to abusive fathers. They enable abusive fathers to further the abuse. Women must continue to unify, gather strength and disempower family court judges. These judges must no longer have the power and the control to needlessly destroy the lives of women and children. Women must fight to end family court and begin a new system. This will take time. Women need to practice self-care. Children need functioning mothers. Circumstances may leave women bent, but we are not broken. As long as we have a pulse, we can use our pain for purpose. Together, women will end male entitlement and female oppression in family court.

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I am trying to get back into the meeting my system crashed pls let people back in

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